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Free Shipping on orders over $75 * Exclusions Apply Use Code: FreeShip75

Marabu Alcohol-Based Graphix Sketch Markers


Ideal for creating illustrations, anime, and beautiful art projects, Marabu Graphix Sketch Markers can be used on a wide variety of non-porous surfaces. You can create either fine or thick lines with the dual-sided sketch marker. One side of the pen has a 1 mm contour tip for creating particularly fine lines. In contrast, the 1 – 7 mm chisel-tip can create broad lines for three-dimensional shading. Thanks to the easy-to-grip marker body, you can comfortably sketch for long periods. The high-quality, quick-drying, alcohol-based ink has a low odor so you can quickly and easily overlay colors to create depth of color. Special marker paper with a barrier layer is the best product to use with this type of marker. Marabu Graphix Sketch Marker ink can be mixed on the paper as long as it is still wet. Use these vibrant alcohol-based markers to draw crisp lines, fill in shapes, create color gradations, and add depth with different shading techniques!

Key Features:
  • High-quality, alcohol-based ink
  • Dual felt-tips
  • 1 mm contour and 1–7 mm chisel-tip
  • Low odor and quick drying
  • Easy-to-grip pen body
  • Sets of 6 or 12 markers
Perfect For:
  • Illustrations, anime, and fine art projects
  • Non-porous surfaces
  • Fine lines and broad strokes
  • Three-dimensional shading
  • Creating depth of color or gradation
  • Overlaying color
  • Marker paper
  • Mixing colors while still wet

Alpha Robot: is ideal for shading or learning to draw three-dimensionally. The colors include 986 Cool Grey Deep, 991 Cool Grey, 985 Cool Grey Light, 988 Warm Grey Deep, 992 Warm Grey, and 987 Warm Grey Light.

Heat: contains all of the primary colors: 974 Carbon Black, 960 Light Green, 956 Primary Cyan, 914 Primary Magenta, 936 Vermilion, and 919 Primary Yellow.

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